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    On my chart (see attached), the value is zero where the green arrow is.  I want the label to show "Current: 0" there.  Instead, it shows nothing.  The value is actually 0 and not null.  My users are going to think it's "missing".  How can I get the label to show?
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    This is a bug in Bar and ColumnSeries, so I have logged it in our Feedback portal, where you can vote and track its progress. I have also update your Telerik points for this bug report.

    There is a workaround, whose idea follows these steps:
    1. Create a constant variable which is a very small number  like 0.00000000001 and use it as a marker
    2. When you populate the SeriesItems, check if the next item's value is equal to 0 (zero) and if this is the case, change its value to the constant variable in step 1.
    3. Use the ClientTemplate property of the LabelsAppearance to switch the item's label - check if the item's values is equal to INVALID_VALUE (the constant in step 1) and show a label with the value "0" in this case:
      const decimal SPECIAL_VALUE = 0.000000000000000000000001M;
      BarSeries bar1 = new BarSeries();
      bar1.LabelsAppearance.ClientTemplate = "#= value === " + SPECIAL_VALUE + " ? 0 : value #";

    I also attach a sample page, where I have demonstrated this approach. You can use it as a reference and apply the idea in your scenario.

    Stamo Gochev
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