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  1. Daniel
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    Apr 2011

    Posted 18 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    I am having trouble getting this to work i looked into loading flash videos from the database and adding them to a virtual forlder where they can be choose from. 

    I've looked at :

    I have put everything in my sharepoint application, and i get no errors but, the implementation that i have is not reading the database, it skips the overrides and goes straight to the default methods. 

    I am guessing it has to do with adding the handlers ahxs files to the project, but i am not sure how to do it in the sharepoint projec, where is a good place to add them? 

    also I am working with the Sharepoint RadEditor

    I hope this is not part of the problem. 

  2. Daniel
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    Apr 2011

    Posted 20 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    After much playing around and trying to find some information about hits I've decided to go with an alternative method. I have a couple of things i wanna accomplish which i don't even know if its possible. 

    - Be able to interact with the DB and create a virtual navigation to let users add/remove (.flv) videos is as close what i could find when trying to get this to work, the problem with hat is that it is client side, and all my handlers are server side

    I am using the Sharepoint RadEditor as a controller of its own, not as a webpart, which might be part of the reason why the documentation and class overrides i had was not working. if anyone has played with the Sharepoint editor, I would appreciate the help. 
  3. Dobromir
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    Posted 21 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Daniel,

    At present, RadEditor for SharePoint can only work with its built-in content provider which works with the SharePoint database and libraries.
    We will try to provide the ability to use RadEditor's dialogs with different content providers in the future, but I cannot provide firm estimate for when this will be available.

    the Telerik team
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  4. Daniel
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    Apr 2011

    Posted 24 Oct 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Dobromir,

    Thanks for your response.
    I am sorry to hear that this is not possible.  This functionality would have been very helpful.  
    For now I am working in an alternative to 
    combine content from sharepoint with some outside content (videos) stored in database.

    I really hope it is implemented in the next release of the product. 


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