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    I was wondering if someone could give advice on how to best share development of a 'VB RadControls Web Site'.  That is the option I selected when I selected a new project in VS2010, within the Telerik template group (see attachment).  I want to share development between two people both running VS2010, publishing to the same IIS7 web server.  We have two sites on that server, a test site on port 8001 and a live site will eventually run https on different port.

    I tried with a 'VB RadControls Web Application' project and had a good start on the site when I used F5 to run it locally.  Then I was ready to publish to the server and found the only option I had from the Build menu was to create a Web Deploy zip file, but for some reason it always crashes right away at building the file.  Not trying to solve that - tried a little and gave up on that.  Instead I switched to the 'VB RadControls Web Site'.  From this type of project, the Build menu's Publish Web Site allows me to key in the IIS 7 server and port and publishes to it successfully.

    But if I, in VS2010, try to open the 'Remote Web Site' instead of the project, it tells me it was precompiled and I shouldn't make changes there.  I was expecting that's how both developers would connect and work on the site.  How can I get the project to the other developer and then keep them in sync as the site is updated?

    We use to both only open the 'remote web site' which was the test site, and make changes there, and then do a publish to the live site.  Now it seems like I have do changes in a local project file structure, publish that to the test site, and separately publish to the live site, except I don't see how in that scenario to keep both developers of VS2010 in sync with the test site.

    What's the best way to have two developers sharing work on a test site that is published to a live site after test site changes look good?
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    Hi Terry,

    Any source control system is the standard solution for your problem. Both you and the rest of the developers on your team can push changes to source control. You could then always get everything from source control and publish that to your live server.

  3. Terry
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    Posted 16 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Thanks Eddie,
    Because there are just two of us and we are a small company, I'm opting for a simpler solution (meaning no cost and since we've not used a source control program before, no extra program to learn).  I put the project on a network shared folder that we both have access to.  It would be prone to file locking/sharing issues, but we can work that out between the two of us.  I'll keep the source control program option in mind if our team ever grows bigger and needs to manage it better, thanks!

    Also, I found the menu, I don't know how I missed it before as I thought it was uniquely missing due to these Telerik type projects, but the menu "Website" has a 'Copy Website' submenu which allows us to copy over only the changed page(s), and the web site isn't 'precompiled' that way.

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