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  1. Benno
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    Jul 2007

    Posted 10 Jul 2007 Link to this post

    Is it possible to set the radslider value through javascript.  What i am trying to achive is enter the value in the textbox then the slider should set based on the value in the textbox.
  2. Benno
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    Jul 2007

    Posted 10 Jul 2007 Link to this post

    First i tryed to assign the value as
    document.getElementById('SliderId').value = newValue;
    but it not works.

    So i used $find instead of document.getElementById. Now we can assign the value by the set_Value function.


  3. Valentin.Stoychev
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    Posted 11 Jul 2007 Link to this post

    Hi Benno,

    Yes - this is the correct way to set the Value of the RadSlider.
    Let us know if you face any other problems using our controls.

    the Telerik team

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  4. bogdan
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    Mar 2009

    Posted 21 Mar 2009 Link to this post

    function updateSlider(newstep)
    var SLIDER = $find("<%= Slider.ClientID %>");

    it reply's that there is no such method. what am i doing wrong ?
  5. Tervel
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    Posted 23 Mar 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Bogdan,

    It has been 1 year+ since the Telerik RadControls API was updated to follow MS AJAX client conventions - which use lower casing for "client properties".
    Please try set_value instead.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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  6. sreelatha bora
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    Mar 2010

    Posted 21 Apr 2010 Link to this post

    how do i set radslider value using javascript.i am getting 'object does not support this method or property error'.below is my radslider controls are inside edit from template of radgrid.and i am accessing  those sliders using below method.registeredElements.push('<%# Container.FindControl("RadSliderSeverity").ClientID %>');



    GetRpn() {



    var Severity = GetGridServerElement("RadSliderSeverity", "input");



    var Frequency = GetGridServerElement("RadSliderFrequency", "input");



    var Detection = GetGridServerElement("RadSliderDetection", "input");



    var RPN = GetGridServerElement("RadSliderRPN", "input");



    var txtRpn = GetGridServerElement("txtTicks", "input");



    var sevValue;



    var FreqValue;



    var DetValue;



    if (Severity != null) {



    var Sevvalues = Severity.value;


    sevValue = Sevvalues.substr(9, 1);




    if (Frequency != null) {



    var Freqvalues = Frequency.value;


    FreqValue = Freqvalues.substr(9, 1);




    if (Detection != null) {



    var DetValues = Detection.value;


    DetValue = DetValues.substr(9, 1);




    var rpnvalue = ((parseInt(sevValue) + 1) * (parseFloat(FreqValue) + 1) * (parseFloat(DetValue) + 1));


    txtRpn.value = rpnvalue;




  7. Tsvetie
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    Posted 27 Apr 2010 Link to this post

    Hello sreelatha bora,
    You should set the value of the slider control, using its set_value client-side method. The code that you have posted looks correct. That is why I suppose the problem is in the code that you use to get a reference to the slider client object. You should use the $find method, instead of $get. For additional information on the $find method, please refer to MSDN. I suppose you will find the Client-Side Basics topic in our online documentation useful as well.

    the Telerik team

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  8. Mk
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    Aug 2012

    Posted 27 Oct 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Tsvetie

    set_value not working i got set_value not a function error.

    Here is my code:-
               var st=$("#txtBonus_text").val();
               if (st <= 2.0) {
  9. Princy
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    Mar 2007

    Posted 29 Oct 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Mk,

    You can use $find("<%= SomeControl.ClientID %>") to get reference to client-side objects. Please try the following code snippet to achieve your scenario.

    var st = $find("<%= txtBonus_text.ClientID %>").get_value();
    if (st <= 2.0) {
        $find("<%= txtBonus_text.ClientID %>").set_value(parseInt(st));

    Hope this helps.

  10. Jameer Baba
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    Aug 2013

    Posted 27 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    1. I have created a .ascx with one image element and one radslider, like below

    <telerik:RadCodeBlock ID="RCB" runat="server">
        <telerik:RadScriptBlock ID="RCBS" runat="server">
            <script type="text/javascript">
                $(document).ready(function showgraph() {
                function updateSlider(newValue) {
                    var refreshFlag = document.getElementById("<%=txtrefreshFlag.ClientID%>").value;
                    if (refreshFlag == "true") {
                        var slider = GetSlider();
                function GetSlider() {
                    return $find("<%=RadSlider1.ClientID%>");
                function OnClientValueChanged(sender, args) {
                    if (sender.get_maximumValue() == sender.get_value()) {
                        document.getElementById("<%=txtrefreshFlag.ClientID%>").value = "true";
                    else {
                        document.getElementById("<%=txtrefreshFlag.ClientID%>").value = "false";
                        var id = document.getElementById("<%=txtsinglegid.ClientID%>").value;
                        var index = sender.get_value();
        <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="background-color:#AAAAAA">
            <tr style='background-color: #AAAAAA;'>
                <td align='right'>
                    <img src='../Images2/right-up-arrow.png' id='MaxId'
                        title='Click to Maximise' alt='Click to Maximise' runat="server" />
                    <img id="img1" border="0" runat="server" />
                    <telerik:RadSlider runat="server" ID="RadSlider1" OnClientValueChanged="OnClientValueChanged"
                         MaximumValue="100" MinimumValue="0" >
    <input type="text" runat="server" id="txtsinglegid" style="display: none" />
        <input type="text" runat="server" id="txtrefreshFlag" value="true" style="display: none" /> page added these controls in a container

    .aspx code :
    <table style="width: auto; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle; padding: 0 0 0 0;">
           <asp:PlaceHolder ID="ControlHolder" runat="server" />

    c# code :

    private void LoadPlaceholder(StringBuilder mycontrols)
        PPI.RemoteViewer.V2.POC.UserControls.GraphImage divctrl = new UserControls.GraphImage();
        ControlHolder.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<tr>"));
        string[] Graphnos = mycontrols.ToString().Split(',');
        foreach (string Graphno in Graphnos)
            divctrl = (PPI.RemoteViewer.V2.POC.UserControls.GraphImage)LoadControl("~/UserControls/GraphImage.ascx");
            divctrl.MyGraphID = Graphno.ToString();
            divctrl.ID = Graphno.ToString();
            divctrl.GraphH = Convert.ToInt32(gheight.ToString());
            divctrl.GraphW = Convert.ToInt32(gwidth.ToString());
            ControlHolder.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("<td  style='width:" + gwidth + "px;height:" + gheight + "px'>"));
            ControlHolder.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("</td>"));
            if (Graphcount % divider == 0) { ControlHolder.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl("</tr><tr>")); }

    3. the $find("<%=RadSlider1.ClientID%>"); in GetSlider function of .ascx code is always returning last initialized controls slider
    therefore the maximum value and value are being only set to the slider of last created control.

    I want to set or get values every individual control's slider.

    Need help. Thanks in advance



  11. Slav
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    Posted 30 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Jameer,

    Please note that when you add several instances of the user control on the page, you will also include several declarations of the function GetSlider as well as the rest of the functions in the user control. Each declaration will refer to the slider in the current user control, however when added on the page the last function definition will override the others since all of them have the same name. This is why only the last slider is modified in your case.

    You can avoid this behavior by creating a unique name for the functions in each user control. This way you will ensure that they will not be overridden when more than one user control is added on the page.

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