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    So I've been working with ASP.NET Core for the last few weeks now, and I've started running into multiple roadblocks with my project. I've been told that every single problem I've been running into could be solved if I started programming things server-side rather than client-side, which is the approach I've been taking thus far, as it's what I'm most familiar with. I believe some background is necessary as to what I've spent my last few weeks working on:

    Basically, I've been building a Report Generator that has a user navigating through six grids built into the tabs of a Kendo TabStrip, where selections made in Grid 1 filter the options available for selection in Grid 2, etc. all the way down to the last grid. The data bound to the grids all comes from an SQL database. The extent of my server-side code has all been using the widgets that Kendo provides (TabStrip and Grid), and the controller that sends the data to the view. I haven't been utilizing model binding because I don't understand how to use it in my context, but I am semi-aware of what it is. 

    As I stated, my application handles practically everything client-side, from filtering the grids based on selection, a search bar, client templates, progression logic for the TabStrip (as selections must be made for the next tab to be enabled), grabbing all the data that the user selects at the end, etc. Some of the difficulties I've been having that I've been told would be easy if I were doing things server-side are with displaying all the collected data on a confirmation screen, and nested filtering of a grid. I don't exactly understand how performing these operations server-side would make my life any easier, and I'm wondering if anyone here is able to explain to me these concepts.

    For some background, I am a junior-level developer who has only recently started doing web development.

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    Hello Ryan,

    I am not sure what exactly are the difficulties you have met so that one could estimate whether handling server-side vs client-side would be better. 

    Typically, handling particular logic on the server only has its pros and cons. On the server, you can handle large data queries (filtering, paging, sorting and so on) faster, but you will need to utilize AJAX requests so that data goes back and forth from client-side to server-side and vice versa. With client-side only operations, the end-user will not have to wait for server-side request and therefore everything would work more fluently if the data is optimized so that the web application works well on the browser. 

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