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  1. Anders
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    Hi, I have a RadGrid with a text box called "Cause" where users can input whatever "Cause they wish.

    Now I want to restrict inout by using a Dropdown, 

    <telerik:GridTemplateColumn DataField="Cause" HeaderText="Cause" UniqueName="Cause">
                        <%# Eval("Cause") %>
                                <telerik:RadDropDownList RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadDropDownList1"  DataTextField="Cause"
                                    DataValueField="Id" SelectedText='<%#Bind("Cause")%>' DataSourceID="sqlDSOutOfStockTest">

    The only thing not working is that when I try to edit an existing record the Dropdown shows the first record in the Dropdown list , not the actual value I chose. What is it that I am not doing right?

    I'm using VB.

  2. Anders
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    Posted 09 Jan in reply to Anders Link to this post

    No one?

  3. Ivan Danchev
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    Hello Anders,

    You need to set the DropDownList's SelectedValue property, not the SelectedText one. I attached a sample page which demonstrates this. The Grid and the dropdown controls (ComboBox, DropDownList) are bound to the Northwind sample database. Note how the DropDownList is declared in the Category column:
    <telerik:RadDropDownList runat="server" ID="RadDropDownList1" DataTextField="CategoryName"
                                   DataValueField="CategoryID" DataSourceID="CategoriesDataSource" SelectedValue='<%#Bind("CategoryID") %>'>

    SelectedValue takes its value from the CategoryID field not the CategoryName.

    Ivan Danchev
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  4. Anders
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    Posted 10 Jan in reply to Ivan Danchev Link to this post

    Thank you Ivan. No code behind needed. With your exampe I realized I also had to add an new field "CauseId" to my table and from there edit my SQL query some. Now it works.

    Much appreciated.

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