Seeking guidance as to what control to use for having collapsible regions

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    OK, I realize that the subject line of this thread is pretty wide. I'll try to narrow it down.

    We're working on a LOB app that will use WPF. We have a WCF service which returns a list of results from a search, initiated by the user. The results include things like client first and last name, and the client ID. Right now we have the results displayed in a listbox, for each record. The issue is that a client may have multiple records in the database. Now we're displaying each record, but that seems wasteful, or at least very 1990's VB6 type of code. Instead we want to use a control which allows for some expandable regions. Naturally, the first thing that came to my mind was the out-of-the-box WPF Expander control. I've used it before, but more or less like a tab control. In this case what we want to do is show the client's first & last names, and client ID, but then in the collapsible regions data from each of the separate records related to that client. (As you can imagine, we have several clients with the same first and last names, so client ID is the only thing that differentiates between them.)

    So the first thing I did was perform a web search and I came across a blog post by Karl Shifflet on ListBox grouping. I've been working my way through this, and I'm sure it will work. But we have the full suite of Telerik controls for WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, etc, and so I thought I'd ask on this forum, is there a Telerik control which we could use, which will speed development? I took a quick look at the Telerik Expander control, but want to know if there's another one I should consider instead? And it would be great to see some code examples, too, please.
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    You can display the records in a RadGridView, for example. RadGridView has the Row Details feature which allows you to expand the row details for each row only when needed.

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