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  1. Arkadiusz
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    Is there a possibility to scroll list od items inside radmenu by more elements than just 1? My goal is to move all visible elements.

    eg: I have 30 elements, but window width allows me to show only 10, so after clicking on the arrow I would like elements from 11 to 20 to be shown.
    Thanks for all the answers!

  2. Peter Milchev
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    Posted 17 Jan 2017 Link to this post

    Hello Arkadiusz,

    This scenario could be achieved by using custom implementation. It would require custom calculation of the scrolling position and subscribing to the click event of the span elements with class .rmArrow. The top arrow has also a .rmTopArrow class ​and the bottom arrow - .rmBottomArrow.

    In the click event handler the following function could be used to scroll the menu: 
    var $ = $telerik.$;
    $(".rmExpanded .rmVertical")[0] = "-80px";

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  3. Arkadiusz
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    Posted 23 Jan 2017 in reply to Peter Milchev Link to this post

    Hello! Thanks for answer!<br>

    The problem is I can't use jQuery and I'm sentenced to ie8 :(<br>
    Furthermore, even If I add new action to arrows (rmLeftArrow and rmRightArrow classes) by arrow.onclick bar with elements (rmRootScrollGroup class) moves as it was. <br>
    After creating additional function to other elements (other than embaded arows) to moving the bar it moves, but after clicking on telerik's arrows (or even mouseover them) bar backs to starting position and then moves. That means there is some variable holding "left" css property of he bar. <br>
    The easiest way to achieve it would be detaching all the events for clicking/mouseover on arrows and windows resize. But even after window.onresize = null nothing changes. <br>
    Is there some way to move this further without script in inerval?

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