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Scheduler WebService winforms

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Michał asked on 22 Oct 2012, 07:58 AM


I am considering such scenario - one web service for appointments and multi-client schedulers.
I have created page with radscheduler and webservice binding.
Now I am trying to use this web service for winforms scheduler (I am performing some operations in web service so solution with direct db access is unacceptable for me and I would like to have everything in one piece, in web service).
So I am trying to get appointments from this web service - unfortunately it is JSON service so it is not so easy..
I can't deserialize such method in forms client

public List<AppointmentData> GetJSONScheduler(SchedulerInfo schedulerInfo)


I am suceesfully invoke this method (but I have to make some modifications in JSON string before send it) and I can't deserialize return List
I have been trying:

DataContractJsonSerializer dJSON = new DataContractJsonSerializer(typeof(List<AppointmentData>);
List<AppointmentData> sr = (List<AppointmentData>)dJSON.ReadObject(str);
//str is response from HttpWebResponse
JavaScriptSerializer jscriptDeserializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
 jscriptDeserializer.RecursionLimit = 100;
 List<AppointmentData> srResult = jscriptDeserializer.Deserialize<List<AppointmentData>>(sbResponse.ToString());
//sbResponse is StringBuilder made from GetResponseStream() of HttpWebResponse


Do you have any advices?

Thanks in advance

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