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    I have a problem in changing the RotatorScrollDirection using c# code

    Here is the code, I'm using:

    switch (scrollDirection)
                        case "Down": rotator1.ScrollDirection = RotatorScrollDirection.Down; break;
                        case "Left": rotator1.ScrollDirection = RotatorScrollDirection.Left; break;
                        case "Right": rotator1.ScrollDirection = RotatorScrollDirection.Right; break;
                        case "Up": rotator1.ScrollDirection = RotatorScrollDirection.Up; break;

    Is there any way to convert the string to object in order to prevent using the "switch" or "if" statements? for example, convert the string "Right" to the object "RotatorScrollDirection.Right"

    Please, I need your help,
    It is appreciated to send me the modified code.


  2. Niko
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    Hello Bader,

    Please, refer to the MSDN site for more information on the Enum class and its parsing methods - Parse and TryParse. Here is a simple implementation for the RotatorScrollDirection:
    private RotatorScrollDirection ParseDirection(string directionName)
        RotatorScrollDirection direction = (RotatorScrollDirection)Enum.Parse(typeof(RotatorScrollDirection), directionName, true);
        return direction;
    private RotatorScrollDirection ParseDirection_DotNET4Only(string directionName)
        RotatorScrollDirection direction;
        //this method works in .NET 4 only
        Enum.TryParse<RotatorScrollDirection>(directionName, true, out direction);
        return direction;

    Hope you will find this helpful.

    the Telerik team

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