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    Dear Telerik team

    We upgraded to a Q1 2009 version of the Telerik controls to avail ourselves of some fixes and new features but we were using the Telerik default skin as it blended in quite well with our application.

    Unfortunately the new version of Telerik skin doesn't blend at all well in a lot of places and we have just been through the process of isolating the various components where we want to use a custom skin.  Our final preferred look is going to be partly Telerik, partly custom skin).  We have fixed the rad panel bar so our menu looks largely like it did and that was pretty painful but now there is the grouped reports. 

    Attached is a comparison of the view of a grouped grid template after the new skin version applied and prior to the new applied.  I am hoping you can point me to how to swap this back.  I assume there is more than the grouping section of the grid.css going on as swapping these classes out doesn't do anything.  Replacing the grouping styles in the grid.CSS with the old styles alters the style but not to what it was.  Do you know why this may be happening? 

    I am not sure if you are planning in future to make changes to standard skins without renaming them something new but please let us know if this is likely; as we'll import the entire skin to the solution and customise it now as it has been hours and hours of work to sort out issues with this version change so we definitely don't want to do this again.

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    Posted 19 Oct 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Jenny,

    First of all, if you desire to use old embedded skins with newer RadControls versions (such as Q1 2009), you can refer to:

    However, I don't recommend you to use the above migrated skins with latest RadControls versions, as you will need to add some CSS code manually - as our controls evolve, we add some CSS styles in the skins to reflect the new features. When you decide to do a major upgrade, e.g. from Q1 2009 to Q3 2010, I recommend you to create your custom skin again, based on the new embedded skins (see links below).

    We do not intend to carry out another major skinning change, as the one for the Q1 2009 release.

    Now to your particular question regarding RadGrid. I suppose you already have a non-embedded version of the new "Telerik" skin and can make modifications to it. Look for the following CSS classes in the CSS code:

    rgGroupHeader - applied to the GroupHeaderItem <tr> elements
    rgGroupCol - applied to the <td> elements, which belong to the GroupSplitter column

    Change the styles related to these CSS classes according to your preference.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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