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    I would like to reverse the sliding pane/spillters action.....well part of it. For example I would have a splitter, then a pane then a splitbar then a pane and done.
    All this works fine with the split bar between the two panes with both panes visable. The split bar is set to collapse backward. So both panes are visable and when you click on the splitter the splitter moves to the bottom and the bottom pane is hidden.

    This is exactly the opposite of what I want. What I would like is when the splitter is (not collapsed) ie between the two panes that the bottom pane be hidden and when the splitter is clicked the splitter draws down revealing the pane contents.

    Also the PM would like me to override the default arrow image in the center of the splitter with text "More" and "Less" for the users. So for example when the splitter is at the bottom of the top pane (the top of the bottom pane) it would say More indicating there is more choices if you click. Then when the splitter is at the bottom switch it to say "Less" telling the user they can close up and hide some options.

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    Hello John,

      From the description of the tasks that you are supposed to accomplish I came to the conclusion that the RadSplitter may not be the best control for the task and a better choice for this would be the RadPanelBar. Please, review the demos for the RadPanelBar control and check, if that is actually the control that will provide easier implementation and richer functionality for the result that you wish to accomplish. Otherwise I will gladly help you with the issues that you are experiencing with the splitter, although it is not exactly designed for the tasks you will to complete.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Ramjet
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    Well I started with the Panel Bar as that is the behavior the project manager wanted. But then he didn't want the big fat divider and he wanted the text centered and the background transparent and...In the end he wanted more of the splitter look so I went that route....only it draws up and down in the wrong direction. Now I know you have tons of more important things on your plate but it would be cool if rad splitter had a bool ReverseDraw property. In the end I ended up implementing a custom div solution screen shots are attached. I would prefer to replace it with a Telerik control but for now it makes the pm happy.
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