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    Hi, is there any way to restore all close, floating or hiding windows in wpf. I can only use code like this 

               if (mnuSymbols.IsChecked == false)

    I need someting like a winforms redock service. Is it available in wpf?
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    Hi Charles,

    By design in the RadDocking control if a RadPane or RadPaneGroup is closed by its close button it is actually hidden rather than completely removed from the control. This is made in order to support reopening such closed (hidden) RadPane instances. In the above scenario when the close button of a Pane is pressed the IsHidden property of that RadPane is set to True and all you need to do to show it is to toggle the property back to False. As we see from the code snippet you have provided you are using the RemoveFromParent() method in order to remove a RadPane instance. This approach is a more final approach which completely removes the Pane from its parent RadDocking instance. When that method is called toggling the IsHidden property no longer can be used as the instance is detached from the control. In such scenarios you could do the following:
    • Implement a custom logic that stores those RadPane instances and when you need to show them add them to a RadPaneGroup of the RadDocking control.
    • If there is a need for a global approach where the entire RadDocking control is restored to a previous state you could use the built-in SaveLoadLayout functionality. More detailed information about this built-in feature could be found here. You could also take a look at our "SaveLoadLayout" SDK example available in our XAML SDK repository at GitHub.

    If you have any other questions feel free to write to us again.


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