Required Field Validator on RadUpload in RadGrid Template Column

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  1. Bruce Parr
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    I am trying to figure out a way of requiring a file to be uploaded when doing an insert. I have the plumbing all connected in the ItemCreated event of the grid, but I can't seem to hook the RequiredFieldValidator to the RadUpload control in the Edit template.

    I thought about using a custom validator instead, but I still can't seem to figure out how to get a hold of the RadUpload control in the custom validator event.

    Can anyone provide some suggestions and snippets to get me past this?

  2. Craig Mellon
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    Ignore if this is not what you need but could you not use the following in the ItemCreated event?

    If RadUpload1.UploadedFiles.Count > 0 Then
    lblMsg.Text = "You have not selected a Photo to upload."
    lblMsg.CssClass = "lblHeaderRed"
    Exit Sub
    End If
    If RadUpload1.InvalidFiles.Count > 0 Then
    For Each f As UploadedFile In RadUpload1.InvalidFiles
    If f.ContentLength > RadUpload1.MaxFileSize Then
    lblMsg.Text = String.Format("The file you have tried to upload has exceeded the maximum file size allowed.<br>File name: {0}<br>File extension {1}<br>File Content type: {2}<br>File Size: {3} MB", f.GetName(), f.GetExtension(), f.ContentType, Math.Round(Convert.ToDouble((f.ContentLength / 1024) / 1024), 2))
    lblMsg.Text = String.Format("<b>The file you have tried to upload is not a valid photo file.</b> <br> Allowed File Extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp<br>File name: {0}<br>File extension {1}<br>File Content type: {2}", f.GetName(), f.GetExtension(), f.ContentType)
    End If

    and just use the FindControl method to find the RADUpload, something like this:

    For Each c2 As Control In RadGrid
        If c2.GetType.ToString = "Telerik.Web.UI.RadUpload" Then
         *Above code here*
        End If
    Exit For
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