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    We have some very complex reporting requirements and cannot seem to find a chart type that can do everything in the attached image. Looking for series of lines and series of circles points (with no lines).

    Can telerik do this in one report?
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    The illustrated chart can be created with LineSeries in the same Graph item. As we discussed with your colleague on the phone, the Graph is a Data item with single DataSource and data for series must be flatten. For more details check:

    The attached demo project illustrates a model build in an assemblies which extends the Standalone Designer tool's functionality. To run the demo open the project in VS and build it. Then open the projects folder and open the Telerik.ReportDesigner.exe located in the Bin/Debug/Examples folder and the TRDX file next to it. The TRDx file contains a report with Graph having multiple LineSeries producing a chart similar to yours.

    How the Graph item is configured:
    1. We used the Line Chart wizard and an ObjectDataSource to supply data.
      The data is organized in such manner we can add separate LineSeries for each line, without using SeriesGroups grouping - this will allow us to set different settings for each line in the Graph;

    2. Once the Graph is visible in the designer we adjust the labels formats, scales' steps and axes grid-lines, and scales types of the axes - Formatting a Graph:Axis. For example the X axis has a DateTime scale and series are adjusted accordingly (their X and Y properties are set) - How to: Change the Axis Scale;
    3. The we change series (Formatting a Graph: Series):
      • By default the Line Chart wizard will produce straight lines. Through each series LineStyle we can hide/show the line (LineSeries.LineStyle.Visible), change the LineSeries.LineStyle.LineStyle and LineSeries.LineStyle.LineWidth;
      • To produce Scatter chart we hide the line and show its Data Points - LineSeries.DataPointStyle.Visible, and use proper marker LineSeries.MarkerType;
      • To display a data point label only on specific location we use the
        LineSeries.DataPointLabelStyle and LineSeries.DataPointLabel.ConditionalFormatting;

    4. The legend can be moved through the Graph - Legend - Position/IsInsidePlotArea properties.
      Series legend items can be controlled individually through the series LegendItem object.
      For more details check Formatting a Graph: Legend;

    I hope the provided information is helpful.


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