Reoder Nodes and Update Database & Disable Drag Drop per node?

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    First, i have been looking a the examples on drag and drop and see how I can reorder the nodes. In my database I have an ORDER field that determines the order of records when displayed. How can I keep track of which nodes have been reorder so I can update my database?

    Second, I have been trying to figure out how to disable dragging / dropping per node. Here is my structure:

         Photo Set 1 (Disable Drag and drop and reorder)
              Photo 1 (Image with Thumbnail)
              Photo 2 (Image with Thumbnail)
         Photo Set 2 (Only Allow reordering of child nodes)
               Photo 3
               Photo 4

    HEre is the treeview object on the ASPX page:



    telerik:RadTreeView ID="rtvProjects" runat="server" EnableDragAndDropBetweenNodes="true" EnableDragAndDrop="true" OnNodeDrop="RadTreeView1_NodeDrop">


    I am creating the nodes problematically in the VB code behind. I tried setting the AllowDrop/AllowDrag per node, but it still lets be drag and drop between nodes and into the nodes.

    I can give you all my code, if you need, but let me know if this makes sense.


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