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Regarding .xlsx export in Radgrid

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Ananya asked on 28 Jan 2020, 07:18 AM

In RadGrid1_InfrastructureExporting function , I m not able to apply styling on partial text of  a particular cell.

Ex - if cell[1,1] = hello world. How to make "hello" as bold.

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Telerik team
answered on 31 Jan 2020, 08:02 AM

Hi Ananya,

The InfrastructureExporting function you can style the whole cell content, but the easiest way to style part of the cell text is to use a template column, exporting it to XLX file with a similar setup:

        <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" OnNeedDataSource="RadGrid1_NeedDataSource"
             AutoGenerateColumns="false" PageSize="10" AllowPaging="false">
            <MasterTableView ClientDataKeyNames="Count" CommandItemDisplay="Top">
                    <telerik:GridBoundColumn HeaderText="ID" DataField="Id"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
                    <telerik:GridBoundColumn HeaderText="ProductName" DataField="ProductName">
                        <ItemStyle ForeColor="Red" />
                    <telerik:GridBoundColumn HeaderText="Count" DataField="Count"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
                    <telerik:GridTemplateColumn DataField="ProductName">
                            <span style="font-weight: 900"><%# Eval("ProductName").ToString().Split(' ')[0]%></span>
                            <%# Eval("ProductName").ToString().Split(' ')[1]%>
                <CommandItemSettings ShowExportToExcelButton="true" />
            <ExportSettings ExportOnlyData="true"></ExportSettings>

    protected void RadGrid1_NeedDataSource(object sender, Telerik.Web.UI.GridNeedDataSourceEventArgs e)
        (sender as RadGrid).DataSource = GetData();

    private DataTable GetData()
        DataTable dt = new DataTable();


        for (int i = 0; i < 15; i++)
            dt.Rows.Add("Id_" + i, "Product name " + i, i + 400);

        return dt;

Please, give solution a try and let us know should we can help you any further on this matter.

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