Recurrent appointments not visible in other views and dates..

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    hello.. well i think the title says it all.. here's a detailed description of the issue im having..

    the setup..
    - an application that has a radscheduler control embedded..
    - an sql database that stores appointment information..
    - a webservice that allows insert, update and delete operations to be performed on the database and allows the application to get a list of appointments..

    the work flow..
    - the page loads with the schedulers default view set to daily..
    - double clicking opens a custom form (by hooking onclientinserting) which allows the user to enter information..
    - closing the custom form saves the information to the database and refreshes the parent page which contains the radscheduler control..
    - upon page refresh, a webservice call is made to the database to fetch rows.. these are converted to datatables with appropriate column names and bound to the control.. the datatable is saved in session..
    - when the page refreshes, the control correctly shows all instances of the recurring appointment during that day..

    the problem..
    - when the view is changed (to lets say week or month) or the date is changed to some other day, the control is rebound to the session datatable..
    - i have a method for radscheduler_databound which is called AFTER binding has been done..
    - by placing a watch on radscheduler.appointments[] array and checking the properties of each appointment, i find that they are the SAME appointments that were there in the last view..
    - by running the code and when the page displays, i find:
        - day view (different date): NO recurrent appointments for the new date..
        - week / month view: ONLY those recurrent appointments that were visible in the view those appointments were created in (in this case.. the whole month is blank with recurrent appointments showing only for the day when they were created in..

    i hope you understand the jist of the problem.. im sorry i cant produce a test project which isolates the problem as the application is very complicated.. i had the understanding that when a datatable is bound or rebound to radscheduler, it automatically generates recurrence instances on-the-fly.. what can i possibly be missing?

    asim sohail..
  2. Peter
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    Posted 04 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Asim,

    I am sending your a simple working demo with RadScheduler and Web Service binding. Please, use it as reference or modify it as per your implementation so that the problem can be observed and send it back to use via a support ticket.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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