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  1. Muhammad Imran
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    I m using to load RadWindow
    Progress image not showing but showing if ="false" i want to show progress with "true"
    can i do it?

  2. Eli
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    you can do it by placing your own RadAjaxLoadingPanel on the page, give it a style like this one:

                position: absolute;
                z-index: 99999;
    put a div around your whole page and name it "PageDiv"
    than you make two JS functions to turn it on and off:

     function showTLoadingPanel() {
                var currentLoadingPanel = $find("<%= panel.ClientID %>");
                var currentUpdatedControl = "PageDiv

            function hideTLoadingPanel() {
                var currentLoadingPanel = $find("<%= panel.ClientID %>");
                var currentUpdatedControl = "PageDiv"

    Add a handler for the form submit to turn the panel on and a call to turn the panel off on load.
      function submit_handler() {

                try {showTLoadingPanel(); } catch (ex) { }

                return true;

            try {hideTLoadingPanel(); } catch (ex) { }

    Last step - add the handler call on the form submit event:
     <form id="form1" runat="server"   onsubmit="javascript:return submit_handler();">

    that's it - every postback will expose your loading panel and it will turn off after the page loaded.
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