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    I have a window that, on submit of a form, opens a RadWindow to collect further information for processing that form.  This all used to work, until I added an "OnClientClose" event to the RadWindowManager.  Now, I get a "null object exception" error in the Telerik Javascript.  The function that fails is below, and the line b=GetRadWindowManager() is the cause of the problem, as the function GetRadWindowManager returns null.  There is a RadWindowManager on the page, it is instantiated, and nothing that I can see causing this problem has changed.  I have even tried commenting out the line I added setting the onClientClose event, in the thought that any malformed JS in that function may stop the client-side scripts from initialising, that hasn't helped.

    Can anyone suggest reasons that this function may return null (besides the obvious "there isn't one on the page" which I have checked)?  I assume something is stopping the server-side control from Registering its javascript successfully, but can't see what...

    var b=GetRadWindowManager();
    return b.open(a,c);

    Edit: Solved the problem, apparently Page_Load is not a good place for Registering script blocks that are required by RadControls events.  Moved them to Page_Init, and got through this.  Now experiencing a different issue, however...  my OnClientClose event is not firing at all.  New thread posted.


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