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    I want to redirect to anther page after clicking a button in a radwindow popup, but the redirected page is loaded in the radwindow popup, which is what I want to avoid. The code I use in java script to open the popup is this:
    function CloseAndRebind(){
     GetRadWindow().close();return false;
     function GetRadWindow() {
     var oWindow = null;<br>               
     if (window.radWindow) oWindow = window.radWindow;
     //Will work in Moz in all cases, including clasic dialog
     else if (window.frameElement.radWindow)
    oWindow = window.frameElement.radWindow; //IE (and Moz as well)
     return oWindow;
    function CancelEdit() {
    <telerik:RadButton ID="GoProcessBtn" runat="server" Width="32px" Height="32px"
      OnClick="ProceedBtn_OnClick" AutoPostBack="true"
      OnClientClicked="CloseAndRebind" ToolTip="Proceed" 
    <Image ImageUrl="Images/1305562168_Next.png" /><br>                   
    <telerik:RadButton ID="CancelBtn" runat="server" Width="32px" AutoPostBack="false" Height="32px"
    ToolTip="Cancel" Text="Cancel" OnClientClicked="CancelEdit">
    <Image ImageUrl="Images/1305540585_gtk-dialog-error-hover.png" />

    And in the code behind of the page of the popup, I have this code attached to the clik event of ProcessBtn:
    protected void ProceedBtn_OnClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    ChannelId = GoProcessBtn.CommandName;
    Response.Redirect("~/ProcessGridEditing.aspx?Channel=" +
    ChannelId + "&Version=" + VersionsListBox.SelectedValue);

    Can you plz tell me what I could do to avoid this problem?
    What actually happens is that the popup closes and the redirect isn't happening at all!
    I guess is because of the "return false;" i put in javascript CloseAndRebind function.
    Thx a lot.
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    Marin Bratanov
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    Hi Alin,

    Generally you cannot have both a client-side and a server-side event handlers on a button. Indeed, the return false; statement will prevent the postback. What I can suggest is that you redirect the user on the client side by using the window.location object of the main window (for which you get a reference through the BrowserWindow property of the RadWindow) in the CloseAndRebind() function. You can pass the required parameters from the server in a hidden field when the page is loaded and use them to build the desired URL.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Alin
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    Thx a lot , I'll try this.
  4. Alin
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    Hey, could you plz give me a concrete example of the redirection?
    I tried something like this

    var selectedItem = null;
                var version = null;
                function CloseAndRebind() {
                    var Channel = document.getElementById('ChannelHiddenId').value;
                    if (selectedItem != null)
                        version = selectedItem.get_text();
                    else {
                        var lb = $find('VersionsListBox');
                        version = lb.get_value();
                    window.location = "http://localhost:37100/ProcessGridEditing.aspx?Channel=" + Channel + "&Version=" + version;
                    //return false;

    But the redirection is just not working! If I uncomment //GetRadWindow().close();, the call gets to page ProcessGridEditing.aspx, with the ok parameters, but nothing happens
    in the browser, no refresh. I tested this in debugging mode, of course.
    Thx in advance.
  5. Alin
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    I found that 

     resolves the problem :)
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