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    I am developing an application using Telerik RadControls for ASPX.NET AJAX. I have tree

    different Rad controls in the main page. A RadTreeview, a RadTabStrip and a RadGrid.


    The basic functionality is: I select a node from the Treeview, that builds dynamic questions sourced from a database) in the RadTabStrip. And the answer to those questions is given by

    selection an option in the single column RadGrid.


    My questions are:


    1. How can I set a default selection in the RadGrid?


    2. When a node is selected the RadTabStrip is rebuilt but the page always blinks. How can I

    avoid that blinking from the whole page running some server side code like the example here: http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-classic/treeview/Examples/Programming/ServerSideApi/DefaultCS.aspx?


    3. After a node selection and rebuilding the tabstrip pages, the RadTreeView loses the selected node focus. How can I keep the focus on the previously selected node? (it has something to do with that blink, can it be from the PostBack of the page?)


    4. How can I load the grid having for each row a value and a text (value is an id related to the text element)?


    Thank you all.




  2. Plamen
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    Hello Bruno,

    I will try to provide you with some links for pages that should be useful for each one of your questions.

    1) If you want to select rows you can have a look at Selecting a Row, Selecting a Row with a Select Button and try to set the selection in the onLoad event. If you want to select cells this help topic should be useful.

    2) The example that you linked is still from the aspnet-classic demos. If you are using the Ajax controls please make sure the you are using ScriptManager like in this demo-RadTreeView in RadCombobox.

    3) This loosing of focus is also due to the postback. You can have a close look at MultiPage, Load on Demand RadPageView and Template demos about RadTabStrip.

    4) The help topic Accessing Cells and Rows should be useful.

    All the best,
    Plamen Zdravkov
    the Telerik team

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