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    I'm trying to implement this functionality that is implemented in the RadScheduler demo
    I followed the steps but i get sum javascript error. The loading tooltip is shown (the loading gif is shown) and than stops.
    In this time some javascript error occurs.

    I'm still trying to find what the problem is but I was wondering is it obligatory for this example to use RadScriptManager? Because in our project we use the script manager from ASP.Net.

    Also if is not obligatory does any one has any clue what the problem might be.

    Here is the JS error i get:
    Error: contentElement is null
    Source File: http://localhost/Project/ScriptResource.axd?d=A5QMaNH1dPe0O-W43eBkfORqS1JiyJ1e_xg-arzouvIvNktn1lyMkeGWVTDh4JnfrJWEuB8DhmJeQUWFshzE5w07DTl9TUyCpb8q9x6ycWJZI3JeaTd5wdQH07xrIO5pjIndVYrvbJR-q4ZgmNcOgA2&t=ffffffff89d53241
    Line: 183

    here is this line
    if (contentElement.parentNode && contentElement.parentNode.removeChild) {

    I checked with firebug and i see that the rad scripts are called 2 times in the first time contentElement has value but parentNode is null
    the second time that is called contentElement is null so the script throws error. Should it be called two times this script?

    I know this is not much of a help but anyway

  2. Marin Bratanov
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    Hello Goran,

    I have answered your other thread on the matter, yet I am pasting my reply here as well for your convenience:

    It is not required that you use the RadScriptManager, the page should work just as fine with the standart ASP ScriptManager.

    As for the error you get - please try removing the handler of the OnClientBeforeShow event, and see if this helps. This function has been written some time ago and since then the internal functionality of the RadToolTip take care of the positioning. Also if you try to modify the content in this event you may get a similar error since the UI is not yet created at this point due to the ToolTip's lazy initialization.

    You could also try building your project by basing it on the demo. You can find the whole demo section of the site installed in your local Telerik installation directory in the Live Demos folder. Thus you can freely examine and modify the code to match your needs.

    If you are still experiencing difficulties please send us a simpe, runnable project that isolates your case so that we can see exactly what is happening and provide a more accurate answer.

    the Telerik team

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