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  1. Per
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    I'm having a problem with RadToolTipManager.
    I have a MS UpdatePanel containing a RadGrid.
    It also contains a RadToolTipManager (inside the update panel).

    The manager has AutoTooltipify="True" IgnoreAltAttribute="True".

    When I do a panel.Update() from source (to reload the ajax panel) I get a JavaScript crash.

    It's the follwing code that craches "this._tooltips[this._tooltips.length] = e;" In the function below.

    The problem is that "_tooltips" is null.

    Is this a know bug ? 


    createToolTip: function (d, b, c) {
        if (!d) {
          alert("clone error: No target element specified");
        } var e = this.clone(this._getUniqueToolTipID());
        e._manualCloseButtonText = this._manualCloseButtonText;
        e._cssClass = this._cssClass;
        var a = d.getAttribute("id");
        if (a) {
        } else {
        } this._tooltips[this._tooltips.length] = e;
        if (b && b != d.getAttribute("id")) {
        } if (c) {
        } if (this._loadOnDemand) {
        } else {
          if (this._webServiceSettings) {
        } return e;



  2. Marin Bratanov
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    Posted 08 Apr 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Per,

    It is not a known issue and what I can suggest is trying to put the tooltip manager out of the update panel. Since you use AutoTooltipify, I do not expect a need for the control to travel with the AJAX response. It uses the PageRequestManager class to track partial page updates so it should re-attach tooltips to newly recreated controls.


    Marin Bratanov

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