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    We have a RadDock-based application.  To provide some key functionality, we use a RadAjaxManager on the page, and add AjaxSettings dynamically for (dynamically-loaded) docks like this:

    cRadAjaxManagerControl.AjaxSettings.AddAjaxSetting(dock, dock.ContentContainer, cRadAjaxLoadingPanelControl)

    This allows the application to respond to custom DockCommands by updating the dock content in a partial postback.  The dock content is usually an .ascx control.

    The Problem: we have an .ascx control that contains a RadGrid.  One of the columns is Tooltipified using RadTooltipManager; it loads another .ascx with row detail when an icon image is clicked. 

    This works fine in a non-dock environment, but when we add the .ascx control that contains a RadGrid to the RadDock structure, we have problems with the Tooltip.  As described in other forum articles, the Tooltip appears briefly and then disappears.  It appears that the image click is triggering both the Tooltip *and* the RadAjax partial postback from the dock ContentContainer.

    I can try to post a code sample, but the application is complex and spans several assemblies.  I can try to mock something up, if necessary. 
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    Hello Patrick,

    I already answered your support thread and for your convenience and for others who might have the same question, i pasted my reply below:

    I assume that you are using RadToolTipManager with OnAjaxUpdate event - in this case, the content of the tooltip is actually wrapped in an internal update panel which is used to load the content on demand with AJAX. What I suggest is to remove the RadAjax settings and to wrap the content in a standard update panel with UpdateMode="Conditional". In this manner, you will not get both the update panels updated at the same time. In addition, the children will still be triggers for the update panel and you can additionally update it when you want by calling the method Update().

    More information about nested update panels is available below:


    Please, test my suggestion and in case it does not help, prepare and share some sample, fully runnable code and I will do my best to help.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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