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  1. cheburek
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    I am looking for a way to add custom attributes to RadToolbarButton to be rendered in html

    When I use following snippet

    RadToolBarButton button = new RadToolBarButton();
    button.Attributes["data-attr"] = "CustomText";
    button.CssClass += "tipsylink";

    I expect to see

    But unfortunately I can see only
    <a class="tipsylnk rtbWrap"...>
    I do use jquery to read such attributes from web controls for my custom needs.
    And that works for all standard asp.net controls but unfortunately
    radtoolbar implementation is different - as I understand it stores
    custom attributes in another place.

    I know that it is possible to read such attributes on client side using
    var toolBar = $find("<%=RadToolBar1.ClientID %>");
    var button = toolBar.findItemByText("Button 1");

    but actually I'd like to use standard jquery $(''). selector
    and process all items in the same way.
    So is it possible to render custom attributes to html element attribute
    for RadToolbarButtons?
  2. Richard
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    I am able to add the custom attribute to a toolbar button added in server side script. And, then, I can access the newly added attribute in order to immediately display the new value on a label. But, as you note, it does not get added to the HTML markup. See the attached image ("RadToolBarIssue.png") of the updated page in Firefox using Firebug.
       protected void btnAddButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
           RadToolBarButton newButton = new RadToolBarButton("Added Server-Side");
           //newButton.Attributes["data-attr"] = "CustomText";
           newButton.Attributes.Add("data-attr", "CustomText");
           lblInfo.Text = newButton.Attributes["data-attr"].ToString();

    Does it have to be added in the rendered markup for your purposes? Or, can you access it server-side after adding it? I have not been able to locate the newly added attribute in the DOM of the rendered page. But, there should be a way to add it programmically. I'm investigating further.

  3. Syed
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    Posted 29 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Cheburek,

    I am facing a similar issue like yours. I would be glad if you could mention here what was your solution to the problem.

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