RadTimePicker - High lighting and focusing upon TimeView Popup times

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  1. Anthony
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    Posted 20 Aug 2008 Link to this post


    We are using RadTimePickers version Version 2008.1.415.35

    The problem I’ve noticed is that when entering a time in the text box the associated TimeView popup does not high light or focus upon the entered time.

    Strangely, if you select a time via the popup the time is highlight but is not focused upon when re-entering the TimeView popup. 

    I've tried a number of methods to allow this:

    Server side:

    public void _timePicker_SelectedDateChanged(object sender, SelectedDateChangedEventArgs e)
        if (_timePicker.SelectedDate.HasValue)
            _timePicker.FocusedDate = _timePicker.SelectedDate.Value;

    client side:

    function OnTimePickerTimeViewOpen(sender, args)


    var timePicker = sender;

    var timeView = timePicker.get_timeView();

    var timeToSelect = timePicker.get_selectedDate();

    if (timeToSelect != null)




    timePicker._focusedDate = timePicker.get_selectedDate();

    timeView.setTime(timeToSelect.getHours(), timeToSelect.getMinutes(), timeToSelect.getSeconds());



    But none if these methods seem to work

    Any help with this issue would be gratefully received

  2. Plamen Peshev
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    Posted 22 Aug 2008 Link to this post

    Hi Anthony,

    Unfortunately, at this moment the desired behavior cannot be achieved.

    I logged your request in our ToDo list and we will take it for consideration, for one of the future updates of the control.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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  3. Анатолій
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    Posted 29 Mar 2017 in reply to Plamen Peshev Link to this post

    Hi Plamen,

    I'm stuck with the same problem with version 2015.2.623.

    Can you update the progress state of fixing this highlighting popup problem? 

    For details I'm trying to use it for seconds presets and here my code:

    01.<telerik:RadTimePicker ID="OffsetPicker" runat="server">
    02. <TimeView runat="server"
    03.        Interval="0:00:05"
    04.        StartTime="0:00:05"
    05.        EndTime="0:01:05"
    06.        Columns="6"
    07.        ShowFooter="true"
    08.        ShowHeader="false"
    09.        TimeFormat="mm:ss" />
    10.  <DateInput runat="server" DateFormat="mm:ss" DisplayDateFormat="mm:ss" />

    Can you advise me one of the ways to handle this issue?


    With best wishes,


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