RadTimePicker error in DateInput

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      I define RadTimePicker as follow:
    <telerik:RadTimePicker runat="server" ID="StartTime"  Width="95%"
                                 SelectedDate='<%# Bind("Start") %>'>
                                 <DateInput ID="StartDateInput" runat="server"  EmptyMessage="داده اجباری" DateFormat="HH:mm" EnableSingleInputRendering="false" />
                                 <TimePopupButton />
                                 <TimeView ID="StartTimeView" runat="server" Columns="2" ShowHeader="true" TimeFormat="HH:mm" HeaderText="از ساعت"/>
                                 <DatePopupButton />
    I set StartTime and EndTime on server side:
           RadTimePicker startTime = (RadTimePicker)e.Container.FindControl("StartTime");
         startTime.TimeView.StartTime = PatientScheduler.DayStartTime;           
         startTime.TimeView.EndTime = PatientScheduler.DayEndTime;
         startTime.SelectedTime = e.Appointment.Start.TimeOfDay;
    Based on PatientScheduler:
    <telerik:RadScheduler runat="server" ID="PatientScheduler" Width="100%" Height="100%"
              DataSourceID="PatientAppointmentsEntityDataSource" DataKeyField="Id" DataSubjectField="Subject"
              DataStartField="Start" DataEndField="End" FirstDayOfWeek="Saturday" HoursPanelTimeFormat="HH:mm"
              LastDayOfWeek="Thursday" EditFormDateFormat="yyyy/MM/dd"            

    I have two problems in this project:
    1. When I run web and select 3:00(Time is based on 24 Hours), displayed 11:00 in DateInput. When select 9:00, Displayed 17:00 in DateInput.
    2. I can just select time from 00:00 to 9:00 and it displayed from 8:00 to 17:00 because PatientScheduler is from 8:00 to 17:00
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