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    How can make RadTicker to stop ticking ?  I have hooked it to the timer I already have which is for 15 mins. I want RadTicker to start every 15 mins and stop after 5 mins. How can I do that ?

    Please help,
  2. Smiely
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    Nov 2010

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    Hi Smiely,

    The best way to accomplish what you are aiming at is through the client-side API of the RadTicker combined with the JavaScript methods setTimeout and setInterval. Here is how I prepared the attached sample page:
    1. At the load handler of the Sys.Application get a reference to the ticker. Request a stop of the ticker after the required interval and initialize the ticker looping, i.e. starting after another interval:
          var ticker = $find("<%= theTicker.ClientID %>");
    2. Requesting the stop could utilize the setTimeout method, executing at the end of the time interval the stopTicker ticker method:
      function requestStopTicker(ticker)
          setTimeout(Function.createDelegate(ticker, ticker.stopTicker), 5000);
    3. Initializing the loop of the ticker will naturally require the setinterval method. Within the interval handler the ticker should be started using the startTicker method and the request for the stop should be executed as well:
      function initializeTickerLooping(ticker)
          setInterval(function() { ticker.startTicker(); requestStopTicker(ticker); }, 10000);

    Hope this helps.

    the Telerik team

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