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    I have an example that closely follows your radtabstrip load on demand example.
    The only differences include:
    • I run "addpageview" for each tab, and just set the pageview.selected = true for the first available tab on page load.
    • Each radgrid has a checkbox select.
    • Each usercontrol has a radstripcodeblock with script tags that handle rowselected & rowdeselected functions.

    This is my issue:
    I start my program on customer.acsx and select one or more rows. The javascript rowselected function works. I go to the next tab, product.acsx, then immediately go back to customer.acsx to deselect the rows. the deselect function of PRODUCT.acsx is ran, but not Customer.acsx.

    Any Ideas?
  2. David Ra.
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    Mar 2010

    Posted 17 Mar 2010 Link to this post

    For any who care:

    My issue was that each of my dynamic acsx files had the same rowselected & rowdeselected functions. I had hardcoded some values into these functions, so when even after returning to the customer tab, the function being called was still product.acsx's deselect function.

    I fixed this issue by giving a different function name for each .ascx file.

    I'm sure another way to solve this would be using a server side script (eg. <%= someStringIdentifier %> to pass in required values dynamically.
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