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RadTabStrip -> RadGrid bug

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V asked on 01 Dec 2008, 01:25 PM
I'm using the following combinations of Rad Controlls:

RadTabStrip with multiple PageViews (RadMultiPage) and RadGrid into one of the PageViews.

The AutoPostBack prop of the RadTabStrip is set to TRUE; the RenderSelectedPageOnly prop of RadMultiPage is also set to TRUE.
The RadGrid has a Template collumn which defines a CheckBox with prop AutoPostBack set to TRUE (see bellow) :

<radG:GridTemplateColumn DataField="test" UniqueName="test_test"


HeaderText="test" Visible="true">






<asp:CheckBox AutoPostBack="true" ID="testc" OnCheckedChanged="testc_CheckedChanged"



runat="server" Checked='<%#Eval("testt") %>' />















<asp:CheckBox ID="testxx" AutoPostBack="false" runat="server" Checked='<%#Eval("test") %>' /></EditItemTemplate>











The problem is that when the Tab with the RadGrid is loaded all values of the CheckBoxes are set to FALSE and the event
testc_CheckedChanged is fired and it shouldn't be!
When I set the AutoPostBack prop of the RadTabStrip to FALSE and the RenderSelectedPageOnly prop of RadMultiPage to FALSE.
everything works great.

What could the cause be?

many Thanks,

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Maria Ilieva
Telerik team
answered on 03 Dec 2008, 02:15 PM

Will it be convenient for you to open a regular support ticket send us sample runnable project which replicates the described behaviour? We will test the application locally and advise you further.

Best wishes,
Maria Ilieva
the Telerik team

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Maria Ilieva
Telerik team
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