RadStacked100DataBar in RadGridView: Having every proportion drawn, even if it's tiny

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    I am using a RadGridView that has a column with a RadStacked100DataBar.

    Such a RadStacked100DataBar consists of, say, 5 elements that are to represent proportions (shares). Some of these proportion tend to be tiny compared to the other ones, e.g. one of the proportion values is 1000 while another one is 1.

    What happens is that when passing these values to the RadStacked100DataBar, the graphical sections corresponding to the tiny proportions don't get painted at all, which is perfectly understandable if the column width is less than 1000 pixels. However, for the sake of completeness I want even the smallest fraction to show up in my bar, even if the underlying value is too small to be rendered in the current solution (column width), e.g. using a width of 1 pixel.

    Class RadStacked100DataBar has no mechanism that allows to specify a minimum display width for proportions that are too small to be drawn because of the current solution. I now need to work around that but have no clue how.
    A dumb way would be to bind to the RadStacked100DataBar's "ActualWidth" property and then recompute the values passed to the RadStacked100DataBar, but this is impossible since "ActualWidth" is a read-only property.

    Any idea?

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