RadSpell failure on load balancer

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  1. Greg
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    Posted 17 Jan 2013 Link to this post

    The RadSpell control works fine when URL is the application server, but when the URL is the ACE load balancer, I get a javascript error "object expected" from URL http://xxx.com/xxx/ScriptResource.axd?xxxx.  Fiddler shows 504 receive failure on /xxx/ScriptResource.axd?xxx

    This project is referencing the Telerik.Web.UI.dll 2012.2.731.35

  2. Rumen
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    Posted 18 Jan 2013 Link to this post


    Could you please enable the CDN scripts of RadControls as explained in this help article: CDN Overview?

    If this does not help generate a machine key in IIS and register it in the root web.config (or machine.config) for all servers in the farm.

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  3. Greg
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    Posted 21 Jan 2013 Link to this post

    This is for an Intranet application in a large enterprise environment,and not suitable for implementing CDN.  All application servers in the farm, already have the machine key set identically in the machine.config otherwise we would be having viewstate issues in other areas of the application.  Only the RadSpell control is experiencing this issue.

    Looking at the fiddler requests, this is what I see:  (the first 200 success is the first request when URI is directly to the application server, the second 504 fail is when the URI is directed at the load balancer).  I am not sure why the requests are so different.

    1 200 HTTP myserver.com /AppDomain/Folder/Telerik.Web.UI.DialogHandler.aspx?checkHandler=true 493 private   text/html; charset=utf-8 iexplore:5288

    1 504 HTTP myloadbalancer.com /AppDomain
    /Folder/Telerik.Web.UI.DialogHandler.aspx?DialogName=SpellCheckDialog&Skin=Default&Title=&doid=5b16397e-dbef-491f-a3e7-4b433b55ead3&dpptn=&dp=ZgRyWCd%2BTnJUcGBbUQV3P1cGY0YfAWdKfndtWyEOCy16fQsyDlI1d1AFOUFTAwReaXJ%2BBSYKZEBXZE52aWNNPG9mTkwJAGNKVmViBBEBKStSfi43IVUHTFcXOV9VXiYEamBUWAl8bF5Xf3hdfHB0NWJZWgYhAGtkZmYHBBERcClvVDotEW9wXGgVE1xtZBBhUgVcQSZATnFsYE5LamdCPHlza08hEWQEYFx9Wxl0dC1UVxALGQp0Q1EvF2dUexBFUQUFTgl8bF5Xf3hdfHB8NXtPTXAnK3daUHVhdSERDy1sfhAtGX0LXVFwF2NTey5GaW9%2BWx9uYAZ5cmxZUnx7KnlxdEUTDnsCaGZDcSIrA3VgYQgyD30bXVAKD1t7dwNGZVxUYyYIRm9mWXRZVWBjH2JZXXwhEGtlUwFhZQ52DzJvUiZ1EX8HfWQvMV96dCpaaloBZyYIRm9mb2BrZ3NdNHoFdwcmdWNFUGdlQxp1FzFUC3cpIFYtYVYVG1pWayVGYVp2RyYLY0V4dE58ZmEBPmxPd2UhK3thYmYHBBcBAzRsChQpGQoURmAvB0RUARdGfnRHAxMLD09vclpfUlkMP29gAEEhAV1FUFx6QBErAzJVCxcyDlE2BX1zE1tVdBRMUmBDQRd%2BWl5XcA9fYnNjK1RiDEYhAV1FUFsCdiIRAzJUCyYUJmADWWYvB0NtYDpyamBITh9qQUF5cWx5Zlp7J2JwSUEcHloCZXRHaxAeExZgbjZwFWwPdlAFC39TABRjfgd6RxxSUgJnYHBpYlp7L3hYd0wWE2tgUHV9exUoKSlgCgxwFVILYlMXOURhWDJ4Ygd6bBJVXn1QWnBpf2xjF2NwVQUREGN5VmcGQw0CCw9TUhRwF2AxY1FyLXFjWQRcYHF5TBwLB2B6YHxFZl5zLWZwSVkcLX8AaANhehUrKShkCzowFkILYnwUG394awhUZU1hARFvZHxQcUZFYllNCVBYXQIRK0FkU2RbZhcrMQ5nbXJ4DAgXXlMaE3JWawwFamAFXh9qTnFsYE5LamdCPnlxfAEUdWdJVnUORxEBKStSfi43IVUHTFcUD0FTawhfaWFiASZ%2BYHlsYAddfHFvLld9d1oJAnBAfQJlQxp1FzFUC3cpIFYtZGsaE1h7dhhdUX9%2BWAl9d0VvWl0EYVl7D2RYY2UXdmhEZWR6BhZ3KRljVRArEQkbT2spBA5nZzZhUHBmRyd8eFlvYHhDZXx%2FMFFYVV0fHntmV2p1XxcrAzVsajoGGm85T2gRNkB7dzZ4UQV%2BXCd%2BWgBsb2RBUgYAF2xta1kJA2tbUHp5Xw8CBDI%3D 512 text/html iexplore:5288

  4. Greg
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    Posted 22 Jan 2013 Link to this post

    We have resolved the issue.  I thought I would update this thread with the resolution in case others have like issues.

    Our ACE load balancer was truncating the request string.  Apparently the default string size is set fairly low.  This was increased to 8192 characters, and now the control is working.
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