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  1. Jason Bourdette
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    Posted 31 May 2011 Link to this post

    1. I have a general layout like this (see below). What happens is when i click on content1 or 2 pane they slide open but they DONT fill up 100% of the width of "LeftPane", unstead they open in a small slice about 200px it looks like. If I explicitly change content1 width to be like 700px then it opens bigger, but i want to use percentage to fill in 100% of "LeftPane". How can i get percentages to work?

    2. Say i make CONTENT1 docked and open on load. (expandedpaneid=content1 and dockonopen=true). How can I totally prevent the user from ever undocking ie closing that pane. Such that CONTENT2 will just slide open overtop content1 but CONTENT1 can never be closed or undocked?

    <telerik:RadSplitter ID="RadSplitter1" runat="server" skin="vista" Width="100%">
       <telerik:RadPane ID="LeftPane" runat="server" Scrolling="None" Width="58%">
          <telerik:RadSlidingZone ID="Zone1" runat="server" Width="22px" ClickToOpen="true">
                <telerik:RadPane ID="Expanding_CONTENT1" Title="Pane1" runat="server" Scrolling="None" Width="100%" >    
                <telerik:RadPane ID="Expanding_CONTENT2" Title="Pane1" runat="server" Scrolling="None" Width="100%" >    
      <telerik:RadSplitBar runat="server" ID="SplitBar1" CollapseMode="Both" />
      <telerik:RadPane ID="RightPane_AlwaysOpen" runat="server" Scrolling="None" Width="38%">

    UPDATE: Did some more testing and the layout/sizing is actually all correct as long as I don't use ExpandedPaneId or Dock any Panes. As soon as i dock something or set expandedpaneid then the size of the left pane jumps to a small window and the right pane takes up most of the screen. (not the behavior i want)

    Another Issue i noticed is resizing the browser doesn't resize Panes? why is this? The radgrid and all the other controls i have used automatically resize if i resize the browser but the above layout does not resize at all - unless i reload the page

  2. Dobromir
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    Posted 03 Jun 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Jason,

    By design, RadSlidingPanes does not support size in percentage values. If I understand you correctly, you want to have one permanently docked sliding pane which size is part of the layout. To achieve this you can take the following approach:
    1. Configure the RadPane containing the sliding zone to have width in percentages.
    2. Assign handlers to RadSplitter's OnClientLoaded and OnClientResized client-side events and manually set width to the sliding panes according to the width of the parent pane.
    3. Manually expand the required sliding pane instead of using ExpandedPaneId property of the sliding zone, because using the property will expand the pane before the resize to occur.
    4. To prevent users to undock already docked pane, you can hide the Undock command button using CSS. However, if a user dock another pane this will cause the initially docked pane to be undock. The only possible solution to this case is to disable the docking functionality to rest of the sliding panes by setting EnableDock property to false.

    For your convenience I have attached a sample page demonstrating the above mentioned approach.
    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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