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RadScheduler Resource Type Binding Problem

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sanjayanthan asked on 06 Nov 2012, 09:46 AM
Hi friends,

Am using Radscheduler to Book the Employee for the Particular Project, i need to display the Employees in the Left side, on the right side it will list Project Period Date which i mentioned.
am not using any SqlDataSource / ObjectDatasource for Binding, am using only one Dataset which contains Employee List and also the Date Allocated to the Employees

SQL Returns

00522         APN_PROJ          05-SEP-2012           BOOKED

00522         APN_PROJ          06-SEP-2012           BOOKED

00522         APN_PROJ          NULL                        NULL

00522         APN_PROJ          08-SEP-2012           PENDING

When i binding this it show as like the return from the SQL Values.

Kindly Check the Attached file. for two Dates. it shows two records for me

    <telerik:RadScheduler runat="server" ID="RadScheduler1" GroupBy="RTT_EMP_STAFFID,Start" Skin="Black"  ShowNavigationPane="false" ShowViewTabs="false"
                OverflowBehavior="Auto" TimelineView-HeaderDateFormat="dd-MMM-yyyy" DataKeyField="RTT_EMP_STAFFID"
                TimelineView-ColumnHeaderDateFormat=" ddd - dd"    >                  
                        <telerik:ResourceType KeyField="RTT_EMP_STAFFID"  Name="RTT_EMP_STAFFID" TextField="RTT_EMP_STAFFID" ForeignKeyField="RTT_EMP_STAFFID" ></telerik:ResourceType>

aspx.cs File

 ds_temp = objProjectBooking.GetEmployeeHolidayWeeklyOff(objSessionInfo, "ProjCode", "Activity ID", "", "", "", "", "01-SEP-2012", "31-DEC-2012", "", "E");
                    if (ds_temp.Tables.Count > 0 && ds_temp.Tables[0].Rows.Count > 0)

                        RadScheduler1.SelectedDate = Convert.ToDateTime("01-SEP-2012");
                        RadScheduler1.SelectedView = SchedulerViewType.TimelineView;
                        RadScheduler1.TimelineView.NumberOfSlots = Convert.ToInt32(10);
                        //RadScheduler1.DataKeyField = "ID";
                        RadScheduler1.DataSubjectField = "Subject";
                        RadScheduler1.DataStartField = "Start";
                        RadScheduler1.DataEndField = "End";
                        RadScheduler1.GroupBy = "RTT_EMP_STAFFID,Start";
                        RadScheduler1.GroupingDirection = GroupingDirection.Vertical;
                        RadScheduler1.DataSource = ds_temp;    
                        RadScheduler1.ResourceTypes[0].DataSource = ds_temp;


what was the Problem in this kinldly Help me

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Telerik team
answered on 09 Nov 2012, 07:39 AM

I have inspected the code that you posted. One unusual thing that I noticed is the way GroupBy property is assigned - GroupBy="RTT_EMP_STAFFID,Start" while as it is described in our on-line demo it should not be set to more than one resource(or Date)-In order to enable the resource grouping set the GroupBy property to the name of the resource, for example "Room". In addition, you can also group by date and resource - you need to add the "Date" keyword before the resource name. For example - GroupBy="Date,Room".

You can also review our Bind To List demo where is shown the recommended way of binding appointments and resources in the code behind.

the Telerik team
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