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    I'm experimenting with using the ASP.NET AJAX RadScheduler in an MVC project which so far I have managed to implement with some rudimentary functionality and like what I see. We already have a middle tier which exposes schedule data via a WCF service returning what are essentially DTOs. I have seen examples of using a webservice that then talks to a data provider on the server and I see from this post:


    that although it's possible to avoid writing a data provider the complications involved mean it probably makes the most sense to just implement a provider. Ideally I'd like to be able to simply invoke our WCF service from the client side and have the RadScheduler utilize the DTO instances returned. The DTO we return can be shaped to fit whatever the RadScheduler needs. Is this possible? I do see that there is the DataSource property where you can bind to an IEnumerable but it looks like that may not work in an MVC project and requires server side methods.

    It may be feasible for us to have our WCF service invoke a custom data provider that simply then executes our normal code path from the custom RadScheduler data provider this then would look much like your WebService examples. I understand the data provider pattern and I like that you have used this approach but I was hoping to understand a little better what the WebServiceAppointmentController does before I go down this path. It does mean some complications because we have change tracking and other mechanisms in place to facilitate simply passing DTOs around for CRUD operations so mapping to your Appointment types means a lot of mapping between types etc.

    Also, if you have any other suggestions for an approach given what I've described of our architecture, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Your idea is interesting but I am afraid that it is not achievable.
    The WebServiceAppointmentController class is used to call your provider from web services, and it creates the appointment instances before passing them to the provider.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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