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  1. Corey Alguire
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    Posted 09 Jun 2008 Link to this post

    I am having some trouble with integrating a ContextMenu with RadScheduler. I followed the example that comes with the Q1 2008 release, but on the serverside, when trying to create an IschedulerTimeSlot with the passed timeslot index string (which, in my case looks something like 1:2:2, with variations depending on the slot clicked), I get a "Cell index out of range: 0" error. In the week view, zero here can be replaced with a number that represents the day of the week, and which is the last digit in the index string. Client side, I basically copied your code from the integration sample.

    On the other hand, if I try to use code from the client-side events sample, using the function onTimeSlotContextMenu and the eventArgs.get_time() method, I get a Javascript error that the method is not supported. Stepping through with the debugger, it would seem that there is a field available (_startTime), but this seems to be completely undocumented, and I would rather not access a field directly anyway if there are supported/preferred methods in case things change down the road.

    So... is there any update to the documentation available that might help me out here? Essentially, all I need to do here is access the timeslot that opened the context menu which was then clicked. Ultimately, I need a datetime object to work with. At the moment, I have a choice among 1. Client-side error, 2. Server-error, and 3. Accessing a client-side field which needs to be parsed before use.
  2. Dimitar Milushev
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    Posted 11 Jun 2008 Link to this post

    Hello Corey Alguire,

    I tested this both with the Q1 release (2008.1.415) and the Q1 SP1 release (2008.1.515) and both seem to work fine. The timeslot index is parsed properly, the eventArgs.get_time() works properly and there is eventArgs.get_targetSlot().get_startTime() which also returns the needed time.

    Can you please open a support ticket and send us a sample project that reproduces the issue? Maybe we are missing something in our tests.

    Best wishes,
    Dimitar Milushev
    the Telerik team

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