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    Posted 15 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    I have a RadGrid within a RadPageView / RadMultiPage - switching pages using the RadTabStrip.  My issue is that when my RadGrid is within the RadPageView, parts of my codebehind no longer work.

    The RadGrid is fully functional outside the PageView - however inside of it, it cannot access one of my Unique columns.  

    The code that it cannot find is as follows:  (it cannot find the value of "bytes" because it does not see the column)

    If TypeOf e.Item Is GridEditableItem Then
                 Dim gridEditedItem1 As GridEditableItem = TryCast(e.Item, GridEditableItem)
                 Dim bytes As Byte() = (DirectCast(gridEditedItem1.EditManager.GetColumnEditor("ImageFile"), GridAttachmentColumnEditor)).UploadedFileContent
                 If bytes Is Nothing OrElse bytes.Length = 0 Then
                     bytes = New Byte() {}
                 End If
                 'Return bytes
             End If

    How can I rectify this situation?
  2. Tsvetina
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    Posted 18 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Samantha,

    We cannot be sure exactly what is the cause of the issue from the provided information. Can you also paste your grid and toolbar declaration. Also, which event of the grid is your code from and what exception do you get?

    Generally, if the grid is available in the current pageview and the event you use is a command event or ItemDataBound, the data from its controls should be accessible.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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