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  1. Madhu
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    I have a dynamic menu fully through JavaScript which acts as a context menu and items keeps on changing based on the selection. The issue that I face is with rendering. First time when menu is invoked, it renders properly and all sub menus comes properly. However when same invoked second time, it seems each menu have different width and some of the images that lies underneath is visible through  menu. See the image & code attached.





    function resetMenu(menu) {






    function addMenuItem(menu, caption, value) {




    var item = new Telerik.Web.UI.RadMenuItem();












    function buildMenu(key) {




    var menu = $find("<%= radActionMenu.ClientID %>");




    var id = key.substring(key.indexOf("-", 0) + 1, key.length);






    if (key.substring(0, 1) == "1") addMenuItem(menu, "View ", "1-" + id)




    if (key.substring(1, 2) == "1") addMenuItem(menu, "Issue ", "2-" + id)




    if (key.substring(2, 3) == "1") addMenuItem(menu, "Issue ", "3-" + id)




    if (key.substring(3, 4) == "1") addMenuItem(menu, "History", "4-" + id)



    if (key.substring(4, 5) == "1") addMenuItem(menu, "Add Add Add Add", "5-" + id)










    function showMenu(e, key) {




    var contextMenu = $find("<%= radActionMenu.ClientID %>");





    if ((!e.relatedTarget) || (!$telerik.isDescendantOrSelf(contextMenu.get_element(), e.relatedTarget))) {









    <telerik:RadContextMenu ID="radActionMenu" runat="server" EnableRoundedCorners="True"








    EnableShadows="True" OnClientItemClicked="onClicked" CausesValidation="False"








    EnableViewState="False" ExpandDelay="50" >



























  2. MasterChiefMasterChef
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    Posted 18 Mar 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Madhu,

    Since this is a visual error, it is most likely attributed to a change in the css class. Did you change the styling of the RadMenu in the css file? This could cause the RadMenu to look a little off. If not then I'm not quite sure what could cause the box to turn transparent like that.

    Good luck,
    Master Chief
  3. Madhu
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    Posted 18 Mar 2013 Link to this post

        I'm not doing any style changes. Only recreating items.

        Btw How to apply style to newly created menu items? I will try in that angle and if same issue persists will think about a work around.

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