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    Posted 01 Dec 2012 Link to this post

    I' m new in raddevelopment and I'm trying the free Telerik's version
    For some reason, I put the radMenu control in an ascx asp.net control and the ascx control is in a masterPage
    The basic functions of the menu are working well
    But the calling pages are heavy, and it takes several secondes/ minutes to load.
    I need to put a waiting message onload
    In a normal aspx page, I put the radMenu in an updatepanel, with a updateprogress and there isn't ny problem
    But,in the mentioned situation, I tried onclick, onitemclick, onitemdatadound, and every onclient function. I won't be able to fire any waiting message.
    Do you have some idea?
    Thank you
  2. Pierre
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    Dec 2012

    Posted 09 Dec 2012 Link to this post

    I hope I had no response it's not because I use the free version
    I have found a way to do what I wanted, so I try explain to you

    In my ascx control, I created a asp:panel witch css display set to none, I called it the 'waitingPanel'
    Within this panel, I created an other one called 'withinPanel'. With this one, I set all the css properties I need (Z-index, and so on), and I wote my waiting message

    I wrote a very simple javascript funtion
    funtion showWaitingPanel() {
        document.getElementByID('<%= waintingPanel.ClientID%>').style.display = 'block';

    In the radMenu, I added:

    That's all

    It works in a masterPage too.
    It was very simple!

    thank you

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