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  1. Duc
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    I have an XML like this:

       <Note id="111" author="John Doe">
          <SubNote text="Sub note text 1"/>
       <Note id="222" author="Mary Jane">
          <SubNote text="Sub note text 2"/>

    Basically I want to use a RadGrid to display:

    1. The author in the first row with an expand/collapse icon next to it
    2. The subnote directly underneath the note (ie. a separate row)
    3. When the expand icon is clicked I want to display the actual contents of the note (server side call).

    Is this possible? I toyed with NestedTemplates, DetailTables and even trying to dynamically create rows but didn't get very far.

    Here is a screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve:


    Thanks for your help
  2. Prangadj
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    Try the self-ref RadGrid hierarchy, Duc, that might help - here is the demo:


    Other thing is to use RadTreeView with templates and implement some kind of node editing for it when clicking a button in its template node.

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