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    Good day,

    we have a radgrid that works as expected.
    Today we needed to add a two columns to this grid.
    The columns are in a connected table of a connected table, so we specify

    include="table1,table1.table2, table3,table3.table4"

    When relations for these tables are simple (grid's table has a 1-1 relation with table1, which has a 1-1 relation with table2) we can later use
    table1.table2.textfield in our grid's columns data fields with no problem.

    The problem is that when table3 has a 1-n relation with table 4 (grid's table has a 1-1 relation with table3, which has a 1-n relation with table4)
    we receive a
    DataBinding: 'table1' does not contain a property with the name 'table3.table4.textfield'
    when trying to bind table3.table4.textfield to our new column

    We are subsetting table4 in the onselecting event with the
    mygrid.DataSource.Where = "EXISTS(SELECT VALUE u FROM it.table3.table4 AS u WHERE u.IDtextfield = 1)";
    the query executes correctly so we'd expect to be able to reference table3.table4.textfield as we're able for table1.table2.textfield

    What are we missing?
    Is there any special syntax to identify the table4.textfield field during databinding?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Angel Petrov
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    Posted 06 Apr 2015 Link to this post


    I am not sure what exactly causes the problem but if the result is returned correctly you should be able to visualize the data. In order to determine whether the issue is related to the grid control I recommend replacing it with an ASP GridView. If it occurs again this will surely indicate us that it is not control specific and is caused by the configuration. If however it does not replicate I recommend sharing with us the entire page contents(markup and code-behind) so we could examine the setup.

    Angel Petrov

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