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Radgrid Scrolling Problem

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Guna asked on 06 Feb 2009, 04:58 AM

I my application using nested RadSplitter controls, one radspliter contains treeview, another one is Grid, my problem is dragging the multiple node from treeview  then its dropped into  grid. at this horizontal & vertical scrolling is appearing, why horizontal scrolling coming?

If the horizontal scrolling appears only on length of node exceeds the length of grid.

 <telerik:RadPane ID="bottomPane" runat="server" Height="25%" OnClientResized="ClientResized">

    <telerik:RadGrid runat="server" ID="grdBriefCase" Skin="Sunset" AllowPaging="True"

         ShowStatusBar="true" OnNeedDataSource="grdBriefCase_NeedDataSource"
 OnItemDataBound="grdBriefCase_ItemDataBound" OnRowDrop="grdBriefCase_RowDrop"
         AllowMultiRowSelection="true" AutoGenerateColumns="false" PageSize="100">



           <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="BriefCase" HeaderText="BriefCase" DataField="BriefCase"

                                    Visible="false" />

           <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="Value" HeaderText="Value" DataField="Value"

                                     Visible="false" />

           <telerik:GridTemplateColumn UniqueName="TemplateColumn" HeaderText="BriefCase">


                           <asp:Image ID="ImgType" ImageUrl="" runat="server" />

                          <asp:Label ID="LblType" runat="server" />





      <PagerStyle Mode="NumericPages" />

      <ClientSettings AllowRowsDragDrop="True">

         <Selecting AllowRowSelect="True" EnableDragToSelectRows="false" />

      <ClientEvents />




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Telerik team
answered on 06 Feb 2009, 08:40 AM
Hello Guna,

I suppose you are using Internet Explorer and talking about the RadPane scrollbars. In IE by default the appearance of one scrollbar causes the appearance of the other one as well. You can set Scrolling="Y" to the RadPane to prevent the horizontal scrollbar from appearing.

Sincerely yours,
the Telerik team

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