RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX displayed in a modal popup disappears when the column header is clicked for sorting.

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              I have placed the radgrid in a panel to invoke with a ModalPopupExtender.  The modal is invoked on a link button click and upon radgrid column header click for sorting, the modal popup closes.  I want the radgrid to stay there whenever column sorting is done in the modal popup. 
              The following is my piece of code:


    <asp:UpdatePanel ID="upMPE" runat="server" >
    <asp:Panel ID="pnlTopPatientException" runat="server">
    <asp:Panel ID="pnlPatientException" runat="server" Style="display: none; z-index: 8888;"
    <table border="0" style="width: 100%; height: 30%; border-color: transparent;">
    <td align="left">
    <asp:Label ID="lblMessage" runat="server" Text="Patient Exceptions" Style="color: Green" />
    <SJ:SJRadGrid ID="grdPatientExceptionList" runat="server" AllowSorting="true" Skin="SJ"
    OnNeedDataSource="GetData" PageSize="5" ShowFooter="true">
    <PagerStyle Mode="NextPrevAndNumeric"></PagerStyle>
    <ItemStyle CssClass="altrow" />
    <MasterTableView PagerStyle-AlwaysVisible="true" Width="100%" AllowSorting="true"
    AllowMultiColumnSorting="true" DataKeyNames="ID" >
    <SJ:CustomFilteringTemplateColumn DataField="FromDate" HeaderStyle-Wrap="false" HeaderText="From Date"
    HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" SortExpression="FromDate" FilterControlWidth="105"
    DropDownBoxWidth="105" HeaderStyle-Width="8%" AllowFiltering="false">
    <asp:Label ID="lblFromDate" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("FromDate","{0:MM/dd/yyyy}")%>'
    <SJ:CustomFilteringTemplateColumn DataField="ToDate" HeaderStyle-Wrap="false" HeaderText="To Date"
    HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" SortExpression="ToDate" FilterControlWidth="105"
    DropDownBoxWidth="105" HeaderStyle-Width="8%" AllowFiltering="false">
    <asp:Label ID="lblToDate" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("ToDate","{0:MM/dd/yyyy}")%>'
    <SJ:CustomFilteringTemplateColumn HeaderStyle-Wrap="false" DataField="ExceptionDesc"
    HeaderText="Exception Description" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left" SortExpression="ExceptionDesc"
    FilterControlWidth="105" DropDownBoxWidth="105" HeaderStyle-Width="52%" AllowFiltering="false">
    <asp:Label ID="lblExceptionDesc" runat="server" Text='<%#Eval("ExceptionDesc") %>'
    <td align="right">
    <asp:Button ID="btnCloseModal" runat="server" CssClass="button" Text="Close" ToolTip="Close"
    OnClientClick="return CloseModalPopup();" OnClick="btnCloseModal_Click" />
    <asp:ModalPopupExtender ID="mpePatientException" runat="server" PopupControlID="pnlPatientException"
    BehaviorID="ModalBehaviour" BackgroundCssClass="modalBackground" TargetControlID="dummyButton1"
    Enabled="false" />
    <input type="button" runat="server" style="display: none" id="dummyButton1" />
    In the server side, I have the following on the click of the link button:
    mpePatientException.Enabled = true;

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

    Santosh Varma.

  2. Marin
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    Posted 19 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Santosh,

     Probably the issue is caused because the grid rebinds which reloads the page and closes the popup. Can you verify that the grid performs an ajax request when the sorting happens? Normally this should keep the popup open. You can also try to ajaxify the RadGrid by using RadAjaxManager if the UpdatePanel does not work correctly in this case.

    Hope this helps.

    the Telerik team
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    I face similar issue. Is this resolved?

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