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    Hello !

    Just started working with telerik components about 2 weeks ago, documentation and help on forums is great !! I've been able to solve most of my issues using those. But now i have encountered an issue that i cannot seem to solve or find any info on.

    I have a RadGrid inside a RadCombo, i have set several of the ComboBox's events to stop it from closing, for example :
    <telerik:RadComboBox Id="RadComboBox1" Width="200px" runat="server"
                MarkFirstMatch="False" AllowCustomText="False" OnClientDropDownOpening="OnClientDropDownOpening" OnClientDropDownClosing="OnClientDropDownClosing"
                OnClientSelectedIndexChanging="OnClientSelectedIndexChanging" OnClientBlur="OnClientBlur" DropDownWidth="500px">
    And the function looks like this:

    var supressDropDownClosing = false;
    function OnClientDropDownClosing(sender, eventArgs) {

    That way i can avoid closing the dropdownlist when clicking on a checkbox or opening a hierarchy.

    Now the real problem is when i use the filters on the gridview, when i type in the filter textbox and then select, for example "Contains", the comboBox closes and shows the filtered items. I haven't been able to figure out how to stop the combo from closing when selecting the filter type. I saw something about StopPropagation and wiring it to the event, but how do i get access to the event that fires when i click the "contains" inside the filter ?

    Thanks in advance for any help, if additional info is needed, i'll try and elaborate.

  2. Cat Cheshire
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    I suppose that you can try stopping the propagation of the “click” event :

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