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    I want to create a radgrid for student gpa's per semester and the yearly cumulative. It would look like this

    Academic Term         GPA
    Detailed GPA
    Fall 2014-2015       3.00
    Springs 2014-2015    3.5
    Cumulative GPA 
    2014-2015 4

    The data will come from SQL server
    I can't seem to figure out how to do this with a radgrid.  Is it possible?

    I haven't gotten any working files.  


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    I'm still new but this is how i would do it:

      - get a semester table ( to store starting date / ending date/ etc etc)
      - Get a querry for each semester  ( to try to see if everything is working)
      - Union them all ! Using the precisous or union all.
      - Add the semester Key to the querry, or a number , or a text Something to group on if you dont want or cant build the semester table.
      - Group on the Key.
      - Get a Header_Footer Group Template .

    Then have fun.

    You should have data like this :
    Semester Key / SemesterLabel / Gpa / Date start / Date End/ StudentId

    i think this could to the trick. If any one have a better way to do it. I am following this topic

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