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RadEditor set_html IE issue

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MikeS asked on 17 Jul 2014, 05:04 PM
Hello there,

im using radeditors to update news content. when i click in the radgrid on some row, it opens a jquery dialog and sets two radeditor using set_html(Preview and Content).

This works perfect in google chrome but not on IE and FF. the html field has the content, but the design field dont and i cant even type on it.

here's the code:
var varTitle = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("title");
var varInitialDate = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("initial");
var varEndDate = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("end");
var varPreview = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("prev");
var varContent = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("content");
 *** Opens the dialog ***
$find('<%= Title.ClientID%>').set_value(varTitle);
$find('<%= ID.ClientID%>').get_textBox().control.set_value(varInitialDate);
$find('<%= ED.ClientID%>').get_textBox().control.set_value(varEndDate);
$find('<%= Preview.ClientID%>').set_html(varPreview);
$find('<%= Content.ClientID%>').set_html(varContent);

any ideas on what the problem is?


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