Radeditor Issue with Edge Browser

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Sachita asked on 29 Apr 2021, 04:55 PM

Hi Team,

Currently testing with Telerik Trail version R32020(2020.3.915.45) with .Netframework 4.8 .

Apppool version- v4.0

Microsoft Edge Browser version - 90.0.818.46 (chromium).

Issue with RadEditor , We are trying to use Editor toolgroups like bold,Italic,date,Table,File managers ,Body etc.

When we try to click on toolgroups ,not able to add any text as well.

Observation:  uncaught error 'Selection' undefined in console when we click.

RadEditor exists in the namespace -Telerik.web.ui.

Tried with Latest Telerik version also - 2021.1.330 -Issue exists with Edge Browser.

What can be the issue?

Can anyone please help on the issue?


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