Raddock inside a formview bug/problem?

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    I'm having a small problem with RadDock controls defined inside a formview, and I am not sure if it's my fault or if it's a bug.

    In general, the controls inside a FormView's ItemTemplate and EditItemTemplate can have the same ID without any issues. In my case, I have a RadDock inside a formview with the controls defined inside the <ContentTemplate> of the RadDock. This leads to an error when I access the page that says: The type 'ASP.pages_mypage_aspx' already contains a definition for 'control'.

    Formview => ItemTemplate => RadDock => ContentTemplate => Control with ID X
    Formview => EditItemTemplate => RadDock => ContentTemplate => Control with ID X

    Is there a workaround for this that doesn't involve renaming the controls within the RadDocks?

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    By initial design the RadDock's ContentTemplate was set with [TemplateInstance(TemplateInstance.Single)] attribute, so that the controls inserted in the content of a RadDock can be accessed in the code-behind. This is causing problems when a RadDock, containing server controls with identical IDs, is added both in the ItemTemplate and the EditItemTemplate of a FormView.

    Currently the only approach I can suggest to you would be to populate the RadDocks with controls that have unique IDs.

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