RadDatepicker calendar popup closes on click

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Calendar DateTimePicker
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Sureni asked on 06 Oct 2021, 10:42 AM


We have upgraded the current 2013 Telerik version to Telerik AspNet Ajax Net45 2021.2.616. Following the upgrade the RadDatepickers have stopped working. Although the calendar popup appears as expected, if a date is clicked (whether it’s on a date or empty cell) the popup closes.

Whilst looking into this we noticed that the older version has a click event attached to the RadCalendarPopup which does not get added when the 2021 version is used. 

The RadDatePicker control used for testing

<asp:Panel id="Wrapper" runat="server">
    <telerik:RadDatePicker ID="RadDatePicker" Style="display: none;" MinDate="01/01/1900" MaxDate="12/31/2200" runat="server" Skin="Cse" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false">
        <Calendar ShowRowHeaders="False" FastNavigationStep="12"></Calendar>
        <ClientEvents OnDateSelected="TelerikRadDateTimePicker_DateSelected" />


The OnDateSelected is fired when the Go button is clicked. The onClosing method used sets the event. set_cancel() to true.

A screenshot attached

  • RadCalendarPopup in version 2013
  • Version 2013 Scriptresource snippet
  • RadCalendarPopup  in version 2021
  • Version 2021 Scriptresource snippet

The 2021 version has wrapped the div click event in an If condition which we are unable to satisfy to get the click event added to the RadCalendarPopup div. Due this the calendar click event is treated as a document click event which closes the popup.

Could you please explain why the click event is wrapped around the If condition and help us find a workaround for this.


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Calendar DateTimePicker
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